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Totem of common destiny


Institutional order / 1% Artistic/ Monumental Sculpture in reference to common destiny of New Caledonia / Administrative centre of South Noumea/ 2013


Totems of common destiny ‘Transreflexion" represent the human diversity wealth of New Caledonia and highlight six ethnics groups of the population based in the South Pacific Island.


Those totems underline how to live together, personality, talent, mixing, rules, philosophies, law and customs of each ethnics.



Six totems are lodge in quinconce. The public can glimpse each totem, a harmonious movement is created, as bamboos erected towards the sky, feet well anchor on the ground, all stand together to welcome a « Common Destiny » in the Pacific.


Each totemic column will be proportionally wide and high according to the group the totem will represent.


Each totem distinguishes them by a particular entity, describing the ethnic group and difference. Patterns and representative symbols each group are detailed in glass enamels figuratively or abstract.


Colours are assembled in the same way. The link unifying them is invisible. Only light, perspective and depth are transparent. All have a common base, dressed in black and white with geometrics patterns of Oceania and Melanesia.

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