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"Marie-Antoinette" serie

Manufactured objets

Unique piece and Art objects, numbered, the Marie-Antoinette (from 1895 to 1960 – company Stockman) are recovered by mosaic of different materials, created on my travels and inspired by people I met. Pearls, glass from XVIII century, fine porcelain of China from XVII century to button of dressmaker from XIX century, synthetic stones, shells, mirrors, earthenware ancient and contemporary, molten glass and glass enamels.


Beginning of a series of a dozen models, this object always fascinated me. I quickly had this idea to dress this object with an particular gasoline in order to transcribe the feminine universe, moods, wealth and surlign all the facets such as :

Woman-children, fatal, spiritual, dreamer, lover, traveller, multi ethnic…


Each one made me travel with a huge pleasure towards enrichment of colours, forms and associated materials. Those pieces came to me instinctively and cut at the moment of the creation. No sketch was require. A complete and harmonious improvisation between Marie-Antoinette and myself always renew.


A travel through time and through the feminine universe. 


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