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Suditi was born 10th February 1970 in the French Riviera.

Very young, she follows beaux arts classes in Toulon and falls in a cultural world thanks to her parents, surrounded by artists and architects.

After a plastic Art diploma, Suditi lived one year in the US and start to decorate particular houses, she exposed her paintings and draws done by pen in divers bars downtown Philadelphia.


Back in 1991 in France, she studied history of Art in Aix-en-Provence; she started rich artistic activities heterogeneous, giving her the taste of freedom and she prefers following her path to grow. Her professional life started in divers environment such as advertising, cinema, decoration, press stylist, cardboard, picture, painting, mosaic … visual art.


She nourishes her art by travels, nature, humans, intuition and connexion. She enjoys creating with recovery, wandering collection, deflecting materials, objects, and tree trunk. Her mosaics techniques make her recover and assemble mixing symbols a full personal universe. She aspires to make object deflect in narrative scenography.


Since 2000, Suditi deflects tree trucks, integrating flat colour mosaics and work regularly on Land Art events with artistic installations from organic elements, rebus and inspired by nature. 


Many personal and collective expositions has been realized, festivals, contemporary art salons, Art Market and surf art festival, artistic residency, private collections and institutional.

Artist's explanation

Each creation harbours several lives, while giving the right and unique instances at all stages of creation as in the artist’s life itself.


The artist becomes the work, the material at one with the creation almost invisible.

Creating may be instantaneous or requiring days or months to develop.

The piece awakens and I listen to its’ story,

I understand the signs it reveals the inner foundations an ambiance, the time that has passed, what it carries and exudes in travel, secrets, passions, ...

It can also be the expression of my immediate environment, of all that shares a kind of magic with me.

Encountering our dreams; Encountering our soul

Mixes of materials can be made in one shot or step by step, sometimes when new materials are revealed while working on an other creation.

I love the mixture of colours, materials and people. I believe in a new art, a universal spirit that rises day after day across various cultures and traditions creating another consciousness.


Fusion frees energy, in visual arts... as it does in music or in literature.


I believe that an empowered energy occurs when several different energies unite and then become invincible. This empowered energy is the essence of mankind, his well being and harmony, relieving the need for mindless consumption, and ... reestablishing the truth.


                                            Many thanks to all my Angels



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